Blogging for Lawyers 

Learn how to use blogging to build relationships and grow your practice.

An on-demand course taught by LexBlog founder Kevin O’Keefe.

Cost:    $199    $125


About The Course:

Learn legal blogging from the person and the company that made it what it is today—and has helped a number of lawyers change their careers, and their lives. Taught by Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog, the leading provider of digital publishing solutions to lawyers and law firms, our Blogging for Lawyers course teaches attorneys everything they need to know about starting and running an effective law blog.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a large-law partner, a just-graduated associate or even a law student, this course will provide you with actionable hands-on guidance on how you can use blogging to chase your passion, build your reputation, become a better lawyer and, most importantly, bring in work.

This course draws on Kevin and LexBlog’s nearly 20 years of experience helping lawyers and law firms build or grow their practice through blogging. That includes partnering with some of the largest law firms in the world on robust digital publishing networks as well as attentively guiding solo lawyers on blogs that saw them bring in millions of dollars of work.


What You Will Learn:

Finding a niche and setting a long-term strategy for success
Getting started and the technology basics
The fundamentals of writing for online readers
How to find and decide what to blog on
How to grow engagement and traction on your blog
Growing your network and building relationships through content
The role of analytics in blogging successfully
What business development success through blogging looks like



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Course Details

Course Format:
On-demand video presentations 

Who is this course for?
Lawyers, law students, and other legal industry professionals.


Graduation Requirements:
Completion of quizzes with passing score
Completion of written assignments
Final project

About Kevin O’Keefe


Kevin O’Keefe (@kevinokeefe) is a rural Wisconsin trial lawyer of seventeen years turned social entrepreneur whose company, LexBlog, Inc. has been empowering and inspiring legal bloggers since 2004. With LexBlog’s help, legal professionals use their subject matter expertise to drive powerful business development through blogging and social media. The LexBlog legal blog community aggregates, curates, publishes and syndicates the contributions of over 30,000 legal bloggers, worldwide, LexBlog platform users or not. Kevin has spoken and consulted on blogging and social media before law firms, organizations and law schools in the U.S. and internationally.


No question about it, my career would have been different without blogging. I’m not exactly sure how different—but as Kevin O’Keefe is fond of saying and it’s 100% true—if you want to do more legal work in a particular subject area, start blogging about it. The cases that you write about are likely gonna be the cases that you will start to get referrals for. And that has been true for me. I can directly trace millions of dollars in fees received over the years from people who came to me through my blog.
Francis Pileggi
Managing Partner, Lewis Brisbois
In 10 years of blogging, I’ve found just wonderful content, connections with people on a professional level that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. I’ve been able to help people, many of whom are never going to hire me. That has been, I guess, the lasting effect of being a blogger. And for me, that’s been the most rewarding thing is to realize that in blogging, I’m now helping people.
Jeff Nowak
Shareholder, Littler
The blog has been our number one source of new clients. It really has been an amazing vehicle. The only thing I know that has worked to get legal work is a blog. Boy, does it generate business.
Stuart Kaplow
Attorney and Principal, Stuart D. Kaplow



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