Business Development Coaching Certification for Law Firms

Become a valued coach that can help lawyers grow their books of business, sense of fulfillment and value proposition at their firms.

Learn masterful ways to put your coaching skills to work that will assist lawyers to take their careers to the next level and significantly contribute to the firm's bottom line.

$999 per course for the certification program


What You Will Learn:


Advanced coaching tools to engage lawyers in a difficult part of their careers.


A concrete business development methodology especially aligned to be “doable” in a lawyer’s busy and complex life 


Ways to organize coaching sessions to get things done.


How to talk to lawyers so they will engage


A system to track accountability and productivity


Motivational techniques


About This Course

Business development coaching is one of the most complex applications of the coaching trade.  To be effective you must delicately combine knowledge about business generating and marketing;  law firm structures and strategies;  the constantly changing legal marketplace and of course lawyer personalities, and the challenges involved in career advancement.  To those ingredients a coach must be a master at selecting which coaching tools will best fit the individual, her/his goals, characteristics and circumstances—a challenging, exciting and rewarding endeavor.  The 4 course program systematically addresses all factors through blending coaching know-how with business development acumen.

Good2BSocial is pleased to collaborate with the highly acclaimed business development coach (PCC certified) and psychologist, Karen Kahn (author of Daunting to DOable:  You CAN Make It Rain) to offer a 4 course program (8 sessions per course) leading to a certification in Law Firm Business Development Coaching.  Each course builds upon the one before resulting in a comprehensive understanding of ways to apply coaching tools and techniques within the context of a concrete business development methodology that has a proven track record.

The four 8-week courses are as follows:


Course 1:  Engaging, Motivating and Strategizing

Course 2:  Implementing, Advancing and Momentum

Course 3:  Sustaining, Expanding and Maintaining

Course 4:  Practicum—Providing Ongoing Value

Students who graduate from each course will walk away with a deep understanding of ways to engage lawyers in developing business and help them grow their books of business—an area in which few attorneys truly want to be involved.  They will receive documentation of completion of each course and a certificate at the end of the 4 course program that they can use on their Linkedin profile.  

Participants without coaching certification or the equivalent are encouraged to attend an introductory session on coaching skills for business development professionals at no extra charge.


Course One Details:

Course 1 enrollment is full and the course is currently in progress.

Course One will take place over eight consecutive weeks and will be offered again in the fall of 2021. We will keep the same day and time (Tuesdays 2-3 PM EST). We'll announce new course dates on LinkedIn and in our weekly newsletter.

The courses will be interactive online video sessions held over Zoom where participants will role play relevant coaching scenarios in most classes.

Occasional bonus classes will be offered to address questions and issues as they arise.

Classes will be recorded and participants will be required to complete homework exercises in-between classes.

Upon successful completion of each course you will receive

  • A badge designating course completion, different for each of the four courses
  • A digital, printable certification of course completion

Upon successful completion of the four course program you will receive

  • A digital printable certificate suitable for framing
  • Status and recognition as a Certified Business Development Coach for Lawyers


About Karen B. Kahn, EdD PCC

Karen Kahn EdD PCC, a psychologist and certified coach, has taught coaching at several of the most  prestigious coaching programs. Over the years, she has also taught a variety of psychology courses for  many colleges and universities. 

Learn More About Karen

Together with her 20 years of working exclusively with lawyers and her highly-acclaimed business development methodology described in Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make  It Rain and 100 Steps to DOable, Karen is excited to work with Good2BSocial to offer a comprehensive, Business Development Coaching for Lawyers certification program.

“Business development coaching blends traditional business development techniques with strategic thinking and methodologies to help attorneys cultivate their identities as rainmakers and become active participants in the competitive legal marketplace. Given the unique personalities, values, and career goals of each lawyer and the distinctive cultures and business development objectives of each law firm, it is essential that a coach challenge and  encourage attorneys to obtain both a macro and micro understanding of the professional world around her/him and then help them create a way to consistently execute a coherent plan all within the pressures of daily client service. Not an easy task! The complexity of these components makes it  essential that a coach, whether employed inside or outside of a law firm, possess skills and specialized  know-how.”

Karen’s extensive knowledge about individual growth and learning, organizational  development and processes, and the constantly changing legal marketplace makes her specially  positioned to help coaches expand their coaching knowledge into the highly-focused and complex business development arena.

Karen taught me how to think like a business person about sales and marketing, and her coaching helped me find the confidence to implement her recommendations. Working with Karen over the last 11 years contributed significantly to the law practice I enjoy today.
Elizabeth Lippincott
Elizabeth Lippincott
Founder, Strategic Health Law
Karen provides the perfect coaching approach: focusing on practical tasks and a big picture vision.
Jessie Gabriel
Founder/CEO, All-Places
Karen encouraged me to focus on what I want out of my career and set achievable goals. She then helped me to implement a practical plan that changed the course of my practice and has led to much more fulfillment and success in my legal career. I’m so grateful to her for her skilled, thoughtful coaching.
Jennifer Briggs Fisher
Jennifer Briggs Fisher
Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP
Karen makes you think outside the box and as a result you are able to reach goals that you never before thought were possible.
Jayme Butcher
Partner, Blank Rome LLP
“Karen is an effective coach. She encourages me to think of creative ways to solve complex problems, enabling me to take important steps in growing our firm’s practice areas and increasing our bottom line.”
Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 3.33.30 PM
Amy E. Keller