About This Webinar:

A marketing campaign can be defined simply as a collection of activities – from sending emails to sharing blog posts on social media – that are aimed at a specific target audience and center around a specific message. Effective marketing campaigns target certain audiences by creating premium content that are relevant to that audience. When a law firm’s marketing activities don’t have a direction, the messages become less focused and less effective. By utilizing a campaign-driven marketing approach whereby you select specific industry niches, target specific personas, or focus on specific topics or practice areas, you can focus your attention more narrowly and track your results more precisely.

In this on-demand webinar, attendees will learn:

Targeting an Audience

Learn how to develop a single, focused, campaign-driven marketing strategy for your law firm

Reaching that Audience

Learn what channels should you consider in order to reach your target audience

Track Engagement 

Measure the engagement and ROI of your marketing campaign, learn how marketing campaigns can help you produce quality leads to grow your firm


Susan Chan

Digital Marketing Strategist & Campaign Leader


Susan Chan is a creative digital marketing strategist and campaign leader at Deloitte. She has a strong track record of developing and executing marketing campaign strategies to achieve audience reach and engagement while enhancing brand awareness, improving digital presence, and optimizing the user experience.

Guy Alvarez

Founder & CEO                            


Starting out as a lawyer, and over his 25-year career, Guy’s deep expertise spanning law, technology, and marketing, has enabled him to emerge as a leading voice in the application of digital and social technologies for business.

About Good2bSocial

Good2bSocial works with law firms, legal marketers, companies and associations in the legal industry to help them understand and leverage the power of digital marketing. By combining our unmatched industry experience with the latest technology we are able to deliver and execute measurable marketing and business development strategies. Good2bSocial offers a full suite of digital marketing services including high-impact content marketing, PPC, SEO, paid social, email marketing, marketing automation, website/microsite development, social media management and training.