Unleash Your Law Firm’s Potential with Good2bSocial & Casted: The Dynamic Podcasting Duo


Welcome to a new era of legal podcasting! With the powerful partnership of Good2bSocial and Casted, your law firm's voice is set to dominate the airwaves. Experience unmatched podcast production and distribution, and watch your firm's influence soar.

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Analyze to Ascend

Casted's analytics dashboard eliminates guesswork; each episode's performance becomes a study of data-driven insights. Discover who's tuning in, how, when, and on what devices. Get the metrics that matter: audience size, content discovery channels, devices used, and engagement levels.

Every like, listen, and view is an opportunity to discern patterns and preferences and tailor your content for maximum value. Casted gives you access to valuable data from episodes, collections, series, and categories, empowering you to better understand behavioral metrics, demographics, and traffic sources across all of your content. 

Track companies, contacts, and accounts in your preferred CRM system to follow your listeners' journey, correlating it with conversions and brand engagement. Leverage these insights to fine-tune marketing strategies, allocate budget effectively, and make informed decisions for business success.

Take control, know where your audience comes from, and focus on what captivates them. With Good2bSocial and Casted, transform your podcast into a strategic asset that informs and performs, driving connections and conversions aligned with your brand's aspirations.

Connect with Expertise and Elegance

Good2bSocial & Casted

A symphony of savvy content creation and strategic distribution, crafted just for legal professionals like you. Elevate your thought leadership with every episode, shaped to perfection by seasoned audio engineers and marketed with meticulous skill.

Simplified Hosting - Magnified Reach

Podcasting simplified: This is Good2bSocial's promise. Let us take the helm in hosting, managing, and distributing your podcast, while you focus on what you do best—providing unmatched legal insight. Casted's hosting prowess expands your presence, placing your show on the favorite platforms of your audience, from Apple Podcasts to Spotify.

Superior Production - Professional Precision

Command attention with the pristine quality of your podcast. Our team at Good2bSocial obsesses over every detail, from crystal-clear audio to the perfect music underscoring your voice. Your firm's unique narrative is captured in every well-crafted episode, making your message the emblem of expertise.

Promotion - The Spotlight Is Yours

Behind every successful podcast is a cutting-edge marketing strategy. Our dual-force approach ensures your podcast finds its audience, grows in popularity, and embeds your firm's brand in the collective consciousness of clients and colleagues alike.

The Complete Podcast Package


Good2bSocial and Castexd deliver a holistic podcasting solution for the legal sector. Production excellence, hosting convenience, and meticulous marketing—bundled for your firm's podcasting success.

Eager to learn more? Schedule your exclusive free consultation and see the Good2bSocial x Casted synergy in action. Elevate your law firm's narrative and set a new standard in legal communications today.