Become a certified digital marketing ninja! Learn best practices of digital marketing and help take your firm’s digital strategy to the next level.

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Digital marketing is one of the most effective and important ways to promote your law firm, your practice areas and your lawyers. But it can also be challenging to understand the constantly changing technologies and platforms.

Good2Social is pleased to announce the second digital marketing certification course for law firm marketers. The eight-week course is taught by Guy Alvarez, Founder and CEO of Good2bSocial.

Students who graduate the course will walk away with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing as well as receive a certificate that they can use on their LinkedIn profile. Alumni will also be able to join a private LinkedIn group to share best practices, ideas and continue their learning.

Meet the Instructor:


Guy Alvarez is the founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Good2bSocial. 

With a background in technology and marketing, Guy emerged as an early adopter and advocate of social media. As co-founder of the Business Development Institute, he organized the very first conference on the topic of social media, which brought together pioneers in the field. Guy has advised Fortune 100 companies and AmLaw 100 law firms on all aspects of digital marketing including social media training, search engine optimization, content marketing, measurement and analysis and the development of thought leadership platforms and microsites.

What You Will Learn:


How to develop social medial campaigns that generate a meaningful ROI
How to create the right content to the right people at the right time
How to generate qualified leads through paid search and paid social
How to create, test, optimize and report on the performance of email marketing campaigns
How to establish analytics benchmarks to draw actionable insights about your digital marketing efforts
How to build an SEO strategy that enhances your search visibility and lets your rank highly on search engines

Course Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

The Introduction to Digital Marketing session will introduce you to digital marketing, setting business objectives for a digital campaign and preparing the foundations for developing a targeted digital marketing strategy.

  • Principles of Digital Marketing
  • The Inbound methodology
  • The Buyer’s Journey for Law Firms
  • Developing Your Strategy

Session 2: Content Marketing

The Content Marketing session will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-oriented and data-driven way informed by business objectives, aligned with the buyer journey and overall marketing strategy.


  • Content Marketing Concepts
  • Persona Development
  • The right content, to the right people, at the right time
  • Create & Curate
  • COPE – Create Once Publish
  • Measure Your Content ‘s Performance

Session 3: Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing session enables you to apply social media concepts and best practices to organic and paid marketing activities to run campaigns that yield ROI and meet business objectives.


  • Introduction to Social
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Paid Social
  • Employee Advocacy and Influencer outreach

Session 4: SEO

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) session will enable you to build an organic search marketing strategy that brings the right kind of visitors to your website. It will help you understand how to boost conversions, stand out against competitors and ensure the best possible ROI.


  • Introduction to SEO
  • The 4 principle of SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • The New SERP
  • Measure Performance

Session 5: Paid Search

This session will enable you to learn the basic concepts of paid search and how to use it effectively to generate qualified leads.

  • Paid Search Concepts
  • Paid Search vs SEO
  • Setting up your paid search account
  • How to optimize and monitor your results

Session 6: Email Marketing

The Email Marketing session will teach you the fundamentals of email marketing and how to strategize your delivery plan to test, optimize and report on the performance of campaigns


  • Fundamentals of Email Marketing
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Email Design
  • Testing & Optimizing
  • Drip and Nurture Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation

Session 7: Measurement & Analytics

The Analytics session will help you understand the basic concepts of using analytics in digital marketing from initial set-up to reporting. You will be able to recognize the fundamentals of web and digital analytics to draw actionable conclusions from data and create a Google Analytics account to glean insights about traffic and audiences.


  • Concepts
  • Set Up
  • Goals
  • Report
  • Analyze
  • Beyond web analytics

Session 8: Putting It All Together

This session will tie all of the different sessions together and will help to inform students on how to create a digital marketing strategy for your firm.


  • Key components for a digital marketing strategy
  • Recommended tools
  • How to develop your KPI's
  • What kind of skills are needed
  • Getting buy in from leadership
  • Conducting a competitor analysis

Master the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing




What You'll Get


When you enroll today, you will receive:

  • The 8 Core modules
  • SEO for Law Firms eBook
  • Social Media Strategies for Law Firm eBook
  • The Law Firm Guide to Content Marketing eBook
  • Access to Private LinkedIn Group

Plus, upon successful completion of the course you will also receive:

  • A badge designating you as a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing
  • Status and recognition as a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist

Who Should Get Certified

Legal Marketing & Biz Dev Professionals

Grow your career, and get everyone else in your firm on the same page, and speaking the same language.

Marketing Directors & CMO’s

Give your managers and employees the training they need, so you can stay focused on strategy and execution.

Communications Professionals

Learn the basics of content marketing, SEO and digital analytics to generate better results from your content efforts.

Marketing Technology Professionals

Gain knowledge of the latest digital marketing tools including marketing automation and digital analytics tools and understand how to measure the ROI of your firm’s digital efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will this certificate help me?

It depends on who you are...

  • If you're a marketing professional, this certificate can make you more valuable to your firm, which is the surest way to get that raise or promotion you likely already deserve (but don't have a tangible reason to request).
  • If you're a CMO or Director of Marketing, this certification is a great way to learn digital marketing yourself. It's also a great way to train and certify members of your own team to ensure that they're up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.
  • If you're looking to work for a law firm, this certificate can set you apart from other candidates who merely have a business or marketing degree, but specialized skills that law firms today are desperately seeking.

How valuable is this certification?

  • The certification itself is highly valuable if you need to set yourself apart from the competition. What's far more valuable than any badge or certificate, however, is the actual knowledge you're going to receive when you take this course and master the basics of digital marketing for law firms. You will know digital marketing. I'll say that again: YOU WILL KNOW DIGITAL MARKETING.

What is required to receive my certification?

  • In order to receive your certificate, you need to attend a minimum of six sessions and complete your mini digital marketing plan. You will also need to complete the course survey.

What happens if I need to miss a session?

  • If something comes up and you need to miss a session, you are required to notify the instructor in advance and watch the session video on your own. You are only allowed to miss a total of two sessions in order to graduate. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Guy’s informative, yet approachable, training on social media, SEO and Google Analytics helped our entire team better understand and then implement best practices for our site and mobile platforms.
Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 3.56.50 PM
Leslie Gross
Director of Communications, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
The Digital Marketing Certification course is a must for anyone looking to develop an understanding of digital marketing and improve their skill set. Guy Alvarez does an amazing job of giving real-life examples, resources, and the tools necessary to advance your company in the digital space. I would highly recommend this class. I didn’t want it to end!
Dianne Bluestein
Dianne Bluestein
Digital Communications Specialist, McCarter & English LLP
This course was excellent. It covered all the major areas of digital marketing and was hyper specifically designed for those in a law firm environment. The number of sessions were just right. The homework assigned for each session was impactful, memorable, digestible, and always underscored the importance of the week's lesson. Guy is the best at what he does, and I sincerely hope G2BS experiences explosive growth as he's the leader in the digital marketing space for lawyers and law firms. I look forward to having others on my team take this course.
Ryan King
Ryan King
Director of Communications, Ogletree Deakins
I thought it was a very comprehensive, interactive, and well thought out course. I really enjoyed it's complexity and thought that the delivery made it an engaging course for people from all ranges of experience and all different sizes of firms.
Shelby Kaiser
Shelby Kaiser
Marketing Coordinator, Bilzin Sumberg
Really enjoyed the course. Fun (and fulfilling!) to learn something new at this stage in my career. Thanks for all of your work!
Michael Gleeson
Director of Marketing, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC
Guy did a great job structuring the course - especially considering this was the first time he has offered it. it gave me a strong framework for putting a digital campaign together - It increased my confidence and has set me on a path to execute a proper campaign. Really good stuff. Thank you!
Alexander Coxe
Director of Marketing & Communications, Litowitz Berger & Grossman

Master the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing