The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simple: drive traffic to your law firm’s website and raise your search rankings. But effective SEO for law firms takes time, attention and skill. And the process needs to be implemented every time you publish new content on your website. SEO is really just one part of a multichannel digital marketing strategy. To truly optimize your website’s performance, you need to blend elements of website design, content marketing, email marketing and social media. For example, Google and other search engines now favor the content that people are reading, reacting to, and sharing across social networks. Basically, the more people like your content, the easier new people will find it. To encourage frequent, consistent engagement on your social networks, we help you create a content marketing strategy designed to inform, educate and captivate your target audience.

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About Good2bSocial

Good2bSocial works with law firms, legal marketers, companies and associations in the legal industry to help them understand and leverage the power of digital marketing. By combining our unmatched industry experience with the latest technology we are able to deliver and execute measurable marketing and business development strategies. Good2bSocial offers a full suite of digital marketing services including high-impact content marketing, PPC, SEO, paid social, email marketing, marketing automation, website/microsite development, social media management and training.