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Business development is not a set it and forget it exercise. Lawyers need to regularly revisit their plans and strategy to monitor progress against milestones while adjusting to changing conditions. With a new year approaching, now is the ideal time to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t moved the needle for your business this year. And it’s the perfect time to put those insights to work by refreshing your business development plan for 2021. 

In this 75-minute webinar, a panel of business development coaches are here to answer your questions about the challenges of developing business right now and how to plan ahead for 2021. These experts offer pragmatic tools and practices to develop and implement an effective business development plan to achieve your vision in 2021. Using a question and answer format, you will hear different perspectives and learn several approaches to developing the plan that is right for you.

The presentation address the following questions, in addition to questions from participants:

  • How do I get organized and stay motivated? 
  • I know I have to develop my practice, but how do I deal with the stress of it? 
  • How do I find opportunities during the pandemic?
  • If I want to break out on my own, what do I need to do?
  • How to use meditation to increase business and avoid burnout?
  • How do I turn my relationships into business?

Originally aired on Oct 1, 2020.


Karen Kahn

Karen Kahn

Founder and Managing Partner @Threshold Advisors, LLC

Karen is a professional who answers the request, “Tell me something I don’t know,” with fascinating responses. She lives on the cutting edge of new ideas and is driven to find new ways to solve old problems as is illustrated in her books, 'Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make It Rain' and '100 Steps to DOable' Powered by her knowledge as a psychologist, talent as a certified coach, and respected expertise working with lawyers at various levels and roles, Karen has developed a reputation among law firms and law departments as the “go- to” person to generate success in the ever changing world of being an attorney.

Stewart Hirsch, Esq

Stewart Hirsch, Esq.

Managing Director @Strategic Relationships LLC

Stewart is a business development and executive coach and consultant, who also designs, delivers, facilitates, moderates or participates in business development workshops at law firms, as well as national/regional conferences for lawyers. Workshop topics range from basic networking to "Business Plan Boot Camp," “Pitching to Diverse Clients”, "Executive Presence" and "Implicit Gender Bias and Business Development". His leadership coaching for firm leaders and Fortune 500 women General Counsel and Deputy General Counsel helps them enhance critical strategic thinking and leadership competencies and advance professionally. Stewart is a former firm and in-house lawyer.

Rachel Hammerman

Rachel Hammerman

Business Development Coach & Meditation Teacher @Rachel Hammerman

Rachel Hammerman coaches lawyers to grow their business and reduce stress. Her clients find satisfaction in executing a personal business development strategy focused on helping others to generate a thriving practice. Her process is informed by meditation training and nearly 20 years as a PR and marketing consultant supporting C-Suite executives in and beyond the legal industry, including empowering LexisNexis to combat human trafficking and launching the podcast, “Serial” with This American Life.



Guy Alvarez

Founder & CEO @Good2bSocial

Guy Alvarez is the founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Good2bSocial. First, Guy worked as a law firm associate. Later, he joined ALM Media where he built websites for some of the largest US law firms. Starting out as a lawyer, and over his 25-year career, Guy’s deep expertise spanning law, technology, and marketing, has enabled him to emerge as a leading voice in the application of digital and social technologies for business.

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