Legal Marketing 2.0 Academy

The Law Firm Marketing Department of the Future


In contrast to the change in the legal industry following the 2008 market crash, today there’s a different kind of change in regards to technology, innovation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. How can law firm marketing departments successfully adapt to and prepare for the future of legal marketing?
In this one hour webinar, Guy Alvarez, Yolanda Cartusciello, and Laura Galeano will discuss the technology, processes and skills law firms need in order to cultivate effective marketing teams of the the future.
In this webinar you learn :
  • How the Business of Law has Changed and Its Impact on Legal Marketing
  • Agility and the Practical Implications of Firm Culture
  • How Marketing has Changed in the Digital Era
  • The 3 Areas of Change: People, Technology & Process
  • Examples of Innovation in Legal Marketing
  • Predictions for The Future