A Law Firm Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics


Want to improve your firm’s marketing efforts, beat out your competitors, and convert more clients? Your solutions lie in the data.


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Marketing analytics refers to the process of tracking and interpreting data yielded by your marketing activities to determine how your firm can best reach its goals and business objectives.

Yet, while marketing analytics remains one of the most critical components for driving business development success, far too many firms find the data too elusive and complicated to leverage effectively.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve broken down everything law firms need to know about legal marketing analytics into an easy-to-follow and helpful eBook.

In A Law Firm Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics, you’ll learn…

  • What marketing analytics is and why it’s essential for law firms
  • An overview of marketing analytics best practices
  • Which metrics you should track
  • An overview of Google Analytics
  • Leveraging analytics for social media success across all platforms
  • How to track SEO and website analytics
  • About measuring and analyzing content
  • How to measure email marketing effectiveness
  • Which resources and tools you should use
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