About This On-Demand Webinar:

The pandemic has had such a huge impact on website traffic and as people are spending more time online than ever before, law firms and companies realize the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence through search engine optimization (SEO).

Increasingly, clients are finding law firms that they trust online - through Google and other search engines. SEO has always been an important aspect of any law firm’s digital marketing strategy, but since the onset of the pandemic and the cancellation of most in-person networking events, it is more crucial than ever to cultivate an online presence to connect and engage with clients and prospects.

In this webinar, Guy Alvarez and The National Law Review's Eilene Spear discuss some of the most important SEO trends caused by the pandemic, and the lessons they’ve learned from them.

This webinar addresses:

  • Why SEO is especially important for law firms during the pandemic
  • SEO strategies you can implement quickly to boost search rankings, gain visibility, and outshine the competition
  • Strategies to spot content trends that present immediate opportunities for search engine visibility
  • SEO principles law firms should integrate into their content creation
  • The evolving changes to the Google Algorithm
  • SEO trends in 2021
  • And much more...


"Thank you for the great webinar. It was very educational!"
"Guy - you always provide excellent content. You and Eileen complemented each other nicely. Thank you."
"I thought your session was one of the best and most informative I've seen in awhile. Your pacing was perfect."



Eilene Spear

Operations Project Manager & Lead Writer

The National Law Review

Eilene Spear is the Operations and Projects Manager for the National Law Review. She heads the NLR remote publication team as the Lead Writer. Eilene works on various SEO projects and coordinating NLR staff on improvements to the NLR website and other marketing and outreach projects. As part of her job with client services, Eilene reviews the National Law Review analytics, ensuring clients get the most out of their relationship with the National Law Review.


Guy Alvarez

Founder & CEO


Guy, a former practicing attorney is one of the leading consultants in the fields of technology, marketing and business development for the legal industry. Guy works with leading law firms and companies in the legal industry who are serious about growth but are often frustrated that they’ve spent time, money, and effort on their website and on digital marketing, yet they still don’t produce the results they had hoped for. Guy has advised Fortune 100 companies and AmLaw 100 law firms on all aspects of digital marketing including social media, SEO, content marketing, paid search advertising, digital strategy and marketing automation.

About Good2bSocial

Good2bSocial works with law firms, legal marketers, companies and associations in the legal industry to help them understand and leverage the power of digital marketing. By combining our unmatched industry experience with the latest technology we are able to deliver and execute measurable marketing and business development strategies. Good2bSocial offers a full suite of digital marketing services including high-impact content marketing, PPC, SEO, paid social, email marketing, marketing automation, website/microsite development, social media management and training.