Social Media Audit and Analysis Reporting Technology

Improve the ROI of Your Law Firm's Social Media Efforts


Be More Impactful On Social Media With SMAART

Social media can be used to connect with your target audience, enhance the visibility of your firm, your practice area or your lawyers, and help you generate new leads and acquire new clients.

While many law firms are using social media, very few have a strategy in place that enables them to achieve the business results they had hoped for. 

At Good2bSocial, we provide an innovative Social Media Analysis and Audit Reporting Technology (SMAART™). SMAART™ enables us to collect the pressing data regarding your social media platforms. Following the analysis of this data, we create an individualized step-by-step strategy for your law firm.

SMAARTwill provide you with:

  • A better understanding of your performance across all major social platforms
  • Messaging and targeting recommendations for social ad campaigns
  • A custom social media strategy designed to ensure your firm meets its unique marketing and business objectives

Grow Your Firm's Social Media The SMAART™ Way

Our SMAART offering includes the following detailed components:


Deep Social Analytics

We will determine your current reach and engagement across your social media properties, and conversations from 3rd parties. We will also review your website analytics to evaluate the quantity and quality of visitors that social media is driving to your website.


Individual Platform Analysis

We will determine what types of messaging perform best on each platform and which platforms are most valuable to you. We’ll also inspect the elements of your social media bios to be sure they are professional, captivating and optimized for search results.

competitive analysis-updated

Competitive Analysis

We will conduct a competitive analysis to determine how your competitors are using social media in order to gain a better understanding of the gaps and opportunities in your area of practice.


Content Assessment

We will take a look at the types and format of content you share across your social platforms over time to determine which performs best and provide you with best practices.


Time and Frequency Analysis

We will help you determine the best time to post your content, with which frequency and in what format in order to achieve maximum reach and engagement.


Calculate ROI & Identify KPIs

We will teach you how to calculate ROI and coordinate the creation of your key performance indicators (KPIs), to ensure your firm meets its marketing and messaging objectives.

Good2bSocial has helped my firm in so many different ways. They created a social media presence for my company as well as put my firm on the first page of many Google searches through search engine optimization. Their attention to detail and dedication to helping my firm succeed has made me extremely happy with their work...
Leslie Schreiber
Founder, Leslie Schreiber, P.A.
Good2bSocial has been incredibly successful in crafting our content strategy, managing social, and driving digital marketing campaigns to grow the firm. We’ve been especially pleased with the number of quality leads the firm has been able to consistently acquire from LinkedIn and Facebook Advertising. I can’t recommend Good2bSocial highly enough.
Evan Schwartz
Evan Schwartz
Schwartz, Conroy & Hack PC
Good2bSocial has helped me get the most value out of the time and effort I invest in content marketing and social media, and has helped me to augment my reputation as a thoughtful voice in my areas of practice. Good2bSocial understands the practice of law. I highly recommend Good2bSocial to any lawyer who is looking to generate real business results.
Judy Selby
Judy Selby
Former Partner, Baker Hostetler
Working with Good2bSocial has completely revolutionized the customer-facing profile of my business. From designing a web/social-media strategy and platform, to full implementation, to on-going consulting, coaching and fine-tuning, I never knew all the things I was doing wrong until Good2bSocial showed me how easy it is to do it right.
Brian Schachter
Founder, Schachter & Levine, LLP
Good2BSocial and Guy Alvarez have far exceeded our expectations. I have been trying for years to truly comprehend the power of social media and web analytics, and now I am much better prepared to make good decisions. Within a short amount of time, Guy developed a social media strategic focus for our firm which we are implementing. We consider Good2BSocial to be an integral part of our team as they contribute rock solid ideas and strategy.
Cory B. Cullen
Cory B. Cullen
Director of Marketing, Hopkins Carley