The Foundation of Business Development Coaching: Coaching Skills

Find your way to business development coaching success by learning the skills and techniques necessary to turn lawyers into rainmakers.  

This course offers an excellent opportunity to learn the techniques firsthand that drive success at law firms, as well as a chance to practice newfound skills directly with Karen B. Kahn, an instructor whose insight has allowed business development coaches to overcome challenges and build opportunities time and time again.

$999 per course for the certification program


What You Will Learn:

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The basics of coaching

Asset 2questionsicon

How to ask expanding and deepening questions

Asset 4challengesicon

How to overcome challenges and resistance

Asset 5motivateicon

How to motivate

Asset 6listeningicon

Listening skills

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How to foster connection

About the Course:

Taught by psychologist and renowned coach Karen B. Kahn, this class aims to build a strong foundation for business development coaches. By going over each of the necessary skills, this course will provide business development coaches with tangible steps and techniques that they can use in real life- not just an overview of the theories. Each class will cover the content and background necessary for each skill, followed by an opportunity to actually practice those skills and techniques and a debrief of the practice sessions.

Course One Details:

This course will take place across 10 weeks, and each class will be held live via Zoom.

Each class will be recorded and redistributed to participants to view at their convenience.

This course includes live coaching practice sessions with Karen, followed by her feedback and homework assignments to help coaches build on the skills they learn in class.

Upon completion, participants will receive a digital badge unique to this course that can be displayed online.



About Karen B. Kahn, EdD PCC

Karen Kahn EdD PCC, a psychologist and certified coach, has taught coaching at several of the most  prestigious coaching programs. Over the years, she has also taught a variety of psychology courses for  many colleges and universities. 

Learn More About Karen

Creator of the highly-acclaimed business development methodology described in her book: Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make  It Rain and 100 Steps to DOable, and with more than 20 years of experience working exclusively with law firms, Karen is excited to work with Good2BSocial to offer a comprehensive, Business Development Coaching for Lawyers certification program.


“Business development coaching blends traditional business development techniques with strategic thinking and methodologies to help attorneys cultivate their identities as rainmakers and become active participants in the competitive legal marketplace,” Karen says. “Given the unique personalities, values, and career goals of each lawyer and the distinctive cultures and business development objectives of each law firm, it is essential that a coach challenge and encourage attorneys to obtain both a macro and micro understanding of the professional world around her/him and then help them create a way to consistently execute a coherent plan all within the pressures of daily client service. Not an easy task! The complexity of these components makes it  essential that a coach, whether employed inside or outside of a law firm, possess skills and specialized  know-how.”

Karen’s extensive knowledge of individual growth and learning, organizational development and processes, and the constantly changing legal marketplace makes her especially well-positioned to help coaches expand their coaching knowledge into the highly-focused and complex business development arena.

Karen completely flipped the way I view business development for lawyers. She taught me real-world skills that were immediately applicable to my day-to-day responsibilities. Not only has she reinvigorated my desire to help attorneys, but she has helped me motivate them as well.
Tracy Tabb
Chief Marketing Officer, Brown & James
Karen Kahn is an excellent business development coach for both lawyers and the business development professionals who serve them. With a laser sharp focus on what actually moves the needle, Karen has done an outstanding job of distilling down key components that clear the clutter and lay the path to success. Her book, Daunting to Doable, is exceptionally good at spelling out a highly actionable game plan, but nothing beats the hands-on experience of trying different methods out in real time with the class, in your own firm and learning as you go until you find your groove...
Jeannine Weber Kahabka
Director of Marketing, Ward Greenberg Heller & Reidy LLP
Karen taught me how to think like a business person about sales and marketing, and her coaching helped me find the confidence to implement her recommendations. Working with Karen over the last 11 years contributed significantly to the law practice I enjoy today.
Elizabeth Lippincott
Elizabeth Lippincott
Founder, Strategic Health Law
Karen provides the perfect coaching approach: focusing on practical tasks and a big picture vision.
Jessie Gabriel
Founder/CEO, All-Places
Karen encouraged me to focus on what I want out of my career and set achievable goals. She then helped me to implement a practical plan that changed the course of my practice and has led to much more fulfillment and success in my legal career. I’m so grateful to her for her skilled, thoughtful coaching.
Jennifer Briggs Fisher
Jennifer Briggs Fisher
Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP
Karen makes you think outside the box and as a result you are able to reach goals that you never before thought were possible.
Jayme Butcher
Partner, Blank Rome LLP
“Karen is an effective coach. She encourages me to think of creative ways to solve complex problems, enabling me to take important steps in growing our firm’s practice areas and increasing our bottom line.”
Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 3.33.30 PM
Amy E. Keller