Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Lawyers

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  • Why you’re not ranking on the first page of Google
  • How you’re doing vs. your competitors
  • How secure your website is and why it matters
  • Technical issues preventing search engines from properly crawling your site
  • What pages on your site are ranking and for which terms
  • The domain authority of your law firm website
  • How your law firm is listed in online directories



The goal of SEO is simple: Drive traffic to your law firm website and raise your search rankings so prospects and clients who need your services can find you.

We evaluate your law firm website and other channels to determine where things stand today, how you compare to other attorneys, and provide you with a blueprint to help you generate more traffic and leads and grow your law practice.



Increased ROI

We helped an attorney spend 30 percent less money on his online advertising campaigns and achieve better results



 Quality Content

We helped a lawyer develop quality content to engage with her clients and prospects and help her grow her law practice



 Qualified Leads

We helped a law firm increase the number of qualified leads they received from 4 to 16 leads per month.



 More Traffic

We helped a law firm increase their rankings on search engines and it resulted in more traffic and new clients